When you are in a movie-house, there are things you cannot do. You cannot just treat it like you are at home. You have to think that there are other people who are also paying and they expect you act accordingly so as not to bother others.

In case you have no idea, here are some of the things you must not try doing when you are inside a movie theater:

Do not choose to sit at the middle of the row if you plan to stand up every now and then. It is certainly annoying for the other viewers as they will be bothered every time you get up.

If you have a baby, you should not bring it inside a cinema even if there are no age restrictions. A baby can be temperamental and restless. You will just end up bothering others that way.

Do not join in the conversation in the movie like you are a part of it. This really happens most of the time like the actors can hear what you say.

Do not text all the time or if you do, you should lower the brightness as it can be noticeable since cinemas are usually realty dark. You have to be considerate to others.

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