Have you ever heard of Mike Filsaime? Or how about John Cornetto? If you do, then you must have also heard the newest eCommerce software application that they have created, right? This software application will be launching in just a couple of days, so if you are interested in it, don’t forget to mark your calendar during September 4 to 17 which would be the pre-launch and also on September 18 to 25 which would be the cart open.

So, what is this software application? Introducing to you is the software named GrooveKart. Has anyone mentioned to you the GrooveKart application? Other than money, do you know the reason why the creators created this application? Before tackling its purpose, let us talk about Groove Kart first. This software application has been developed secretly by Mike and John for over 2 years already. And don’t even think of comparing this software to other software that is somewhat the same to do this.

And that is because this software is completely different from the others. Unlike other applications, this application is easier to use, will not cost you a huge amount of money, contains more features without having to pay for it, has high converting templates, timers, social proof, review, funnels and many more.

GrooveKart is capable of competing with other similar applications like for an example the Shopify. This platform is not for the digital marketers but for the people who badly need an online store in order to sell the products that they have to the people. In this software, you can sell all kinds of products, like clothes, tools, merchandise, pieces of jewelry and other valuable items. With the help of GrooveKart, you will surely earn a big amount of money. And if you want to know more about GrooveKart, then stop wasting your time and check their site now!