Keys are a small instrument that is made to unlock locks. They have unique grooves that are specific to only open a lock with the same type of groove so that people who have different grooved keys are unable to unlock what’s not theirs. Modern-day keys are commonly made out of metal such as nickel silver and iron. But these days as our society is growing more and more creative due to the increase in acceptance for quirky ideas especially when it comes to recycling. So instead of metal, people are getting creative with reusing waste such as making keys out of them.

Plastic is one of the largest contributors to pollution where it has been recorded around 50 percent of plastic waste is thrown away after only used once. Now, people are coming to realise the importance of reducing waste from the oceans and lands by reusing them until their brittle. Plastic keys are an example of an object usually recycled from solid plastic materials such as plastic bottles. While they may not be the most durable compared to metal, they are quite fun to make and can be educational for those wanting to learn the basics of how to duplicate keys by starting from plastic before moving on to filing metal.

Other than that, clay is also a great alternative material to practice carving on instead of using metal. While the textures are quite different, you can take and shape out a sizeable rectangle of clay before letting it harden under the sun. Using hardened clay to learn how to duplicate keys before moving on to metal is a fun and a good start to experience key smithing in a safer way.

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