Being in the web design company at Penang (Malaysia), this really is the frequent question I have been requested repeatedly. Many entrepreneurs below are still unaware of how they can place their present small business online and the reason why they should.

1. Internet company is borderless. By establishing business on the internet, your own service or goods will be exposed to not just neighborhood buyers but potentially global clients.

2. Handle from anywhere. Should you have your bodily store, you can just handle it from your shop. Convenience?

3. Reduced Startup Cost. While I charge RM1500 into RM3500 to design a normal small business website, people first response is”Wah, so pricey!” . Individuals that react enjoy this hasn’t think of just how much he spent for his bodily enterprise. RM30,000 can be for store renovation and setup. So what’s RM1500 to RM3500? Several hundred ringgit to get a web site? Yes you will find… out of a man next door with a part time occupation may be…

4. Low Maintenance Price. Paying your store rental RM1000 to RM3000 per month? Design charge is just 1 time, and the remainder is merely paying for the host leasing only. You require an internet server working 24 hours per day 7 days per week to conduct your site online.

5. Client’s advantage. Tired of faxing your goods catalog as soon as your customer required? And expensive also if depositing to abroad. Further more, in white and black only. So why not placing it on line and allow your customer or prospective customer navigate independently readily and conveniently from their location.

6. Easy & Quick Product Update. When merchandise specs shifted, or new goods came, you have to reprint your catalogues, and eliminate your previous catalogues and re-inform or even re-post your new catalogues for your present customers. With the online system, it is possible to easily handle, insert fresh, edit or delete item info and photographs in a couple of minutes. Just notify your current customer to find the upgrade from your own web. Period.

7. Easy Ordering. Client does not need to come from way to your store so as to purchase a slice of cake. They could purchase it on line, purchase it online, and you send it directly to their door step. Easy?

Soback to the subject, the way to place your company on the internet? Easy simply compare offline and online company below. Basically you want 4 Chief steps:

Measure 1

This measure is equal to enroll your business name together with the Company Registrar. Annual payment also.
Measure 2

Yearly Renewal. It’ll run your site 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
This is equal to Leasing a store lot to conduct your company. Monthly or annual payment.

Measure 3

Design your web site and place in information or make your online shop and load the goods to market. 1 period payment.
This is equal to employing a contractor to construct / restore / decorate your store great deal then showcase your merchandise. 1 time payment also.

Step 4

By listing your website on Google / Yahoo / MSN along with other top company directories, or cover to market together.
This is equal to printing of banners or flyers to advertise & promote your organization.

I’ll be talking deep into every step over in my next post. By now you are aware it is actually same measures required to start your business on the internet. The different is that you want to discover the suitable party to perform it and the price is very much diminished.

Advice: don’t just search for cheap, but also think about the caliber of the internet site you’ll be getting, the characteristics that the website has, and if it’s created to get a non-programmer (you) to upgrade (DIY capacity ). If you don’t have the easiness to upgrade web info, you’ll need to rely on such a designer for upgrading all of the time. Nothing is wrong however. In case. . He’s gone or from the website development company… who knows?