Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is recently getting a lot of attention due to its ability to administer benefits obtained from cannabis without providing the side effect of feeling intoxicatingly high. It’s quite easy to obtain CBD oils nowadays. Online stores such as Change the Future Outcome (CTFO) company sells their own natural, high-quality CTFO CBD hemp oils at a great price. While many people might believe that CBD is a newly introduced therapeutic drug, but history proves that CBD began so much further before,.

CBD has been used since the 1940s and has now been around for over half a century. Roger Adams, a Chemist who graduated from Harvard University was the first person to successfully extract CBD from Cannabis Sativa. Funny enough, Adams didn’t even know he had succeeded in extracting one of the most potent compounds of marijuana and wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. It only took a few years later for Adams to realize along with other scientists on the potential of CBD and began researching its possible benefits and side effects.

But, it wasn’t until testing was conducting lab animals in 1946 by Dr. Walter S.Loewe. The results from the tests showed that CBD does not alter the mental state of lab animals. And, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam first identified the three-dimensional structure of CBD in the same year as when Dr. Walter conducted the tests, this is the reason why Dr. Raphael is credited as the person who found CBD.

Before CBD was made into a therapeutic drug, further testing and research continued during the 1960s where it was used on primates. Eventually, the British Pharmacopoeia pharmaceutical company released the first Cannabidiol Oil out to the public. However, the research doesn’t stop there and is still ongoing until today. CBD is continuously accepted worldwide, and with the benefits it provides, they have already overtaken traditional medicine as one of the best recommended natural medicine to date.